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Tübingen is located in Baden-Württemberg, south of Stuttgart . It is one of the classic German University cities with approximately 24,500 students. For this reason Tübingen has the lowest average age of all cities in Germany.

1078 Hohentübingen castle is first mentioned in history, although the area around the present Tübingen was settled for the first time already in ca 12,000 BC. 1477 the establishment of the Eberhard Karls University was established after a collegiate in Tübingen was establish, which offeredbthe conditions for the establishment of a university . In a town fire in 1789 parts of the eastern Old City in today's New Street were destroyed and then rebuilt in classical style.

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Tuebingen sightseeing

Hohentübingen Castle
The Hohentübingen castle is located in downtown of Tübingen. In 1078 it was first mentioned as a castle of the Counts of Tübingen. Today Hohentübingen is a castle that received his appearance in the 16 Century. From here Tübingen and the Neckar and Ammer Valley can be overlooked. Of particular interest is the Renaissance portal from 1606, this short climb through the narrow old streets puts you back 100 years in past. Today, the castle housed a museum. The highlights of the exhibition includes numerous archaeological finds and replicas, such as a complete ancient Egyptian grave chamber or the early classical Tübingen weapons runner.
City hall
While a visit in Tübingen you have to visit Marktplatz with town hall and the Fountain of Neptune in any case. In 1435 the three-story city hall was completed, in 1508 expanded to another floor and 1511 decorated with the atronomischen Clock. It works well today and shows the course of the stars and moon phases. 1877 the city hall has gotten a new front with the flashy paint, to mark the 400-year existence of Tübingen University
The Collegiate
1191 the Tübingen parish was first mentioned. A new late-Gothic church was built from the Romanesque building1470-1490. In 1477 while the university was built it is converted to the Collegiate . The choir of the church, built as the first phase of construction, served as a burial place of the Württemberg dynasty. The stained glass windows dating from 1475th. The interior of the church was completely renovated in the years 1962 to 1965, weil cracks had become visible on the facade and nave. The church organ was built in 1965 and it is the largest musical instrument of Tübingen with its nearly 5,000 pipes. Because of the particularly successful vote on the area of church services and concerts have special sound experience. A few years ago the organ was renovated and enhanced with 508 new pipes.
Hölderlin Tower
The Hölderlin Tower is named after the poet Friedrich Hölderlin. It stands on the ruins of a fortified tower base, which was part of the inner city wall. The tower was purchased in 1807 by the carpenter room Friedrich Ernst. That same year the poet Friedrich Hölderlin was housed there, where he lived until his death in 1843. Today the Hölderlinturm is a literary memorial and a museum. Three rooms give information about Holderlin years of study in Tubingen, his second stay in the hospital and eventually up to fate and effect of his work today. In addition to contemporary representations of the city and Holderlin's life world, there are also many personal documents and letters of the poet.

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